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End the Conflict of interest

I feel the only way we are going to have a rapidly growing and expanding internet, is if we split up any cable laying companies from any kind of service or information providers.


I think that a network that goes over public right of ways should be owned by the public, and not by a tv and phone monopoly.


The conflict is that a phone or tv company will want to utilize the lion's share of network bandwidth to sell its services, rather than allow users to allocate such resources.


Once these businesses are separate, then anybody who wants to offer TV programming, can do so through a website. anybody who wants to offer phone service, can do so through software, or standards based hardware.


There will be a constant clamoring for upgrading the whole network, if anybody at any time can use new technologies. If internet2.edu is any indication of what happens when phone monopolies don't stand in the way of innovation, just look at the speeds they are upgrading to. 100 gigabits up/down per user. that's thousands of times faster than current broadband speeds.



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