Job Creation and Economic Growth

JOBS for Americans that were previously OUTSOURCED

I have a company that would like to bring all of the jobs that were outsourced to other countries. You know who they are and give them to Americans who want a job and need a job.


Here's how my HIRE AMERICAN CAMPAIGN can work to save and/or create 10 to 15 Million Jobs in just a few months, not years.


All major companies who have an online presence need CUSTOMER SERVICE that is just as if you were in a REAL STORE. We can do that now through VIDEO TECHNOLOGY so that when a customer is browsing on your web site, he can click a button and have a REAL LIVE FACE-TO-FACE MEETING with a Sales or Customer Service Rep. This will increase sales because we all need and like that "PERSONAL TOUCH" and that is what the Internet took away from commerce, but can now put it back.


I had a recent nightmare where I wanted to buy a computer from DELL. I called and FIRST, I get a COMPUTER TREE where I have to enter a series of numbers or speak the numbers into my phone to be lead to the right person who will answer my questions. At one point, I was told by the computer to enter a '1' for sales or a '2' for tech support. I wanted to talk to sales, so I dutifully hit the '1' on my telephone keypad. The computer responded by saying that it only accepted a 7 digit response. It went downhill from there. After several dozen very frustratating minutes trying to get past DELL'S telephone system, then I was finally let to speak to someone in a very far away country. I could tell from the accent. This person asked for my phone number and account number several times, even though I had been forced to type it into their telephone system. So, after entering all my personal information about 50 to 60 times, I was finally allowed to ask my questions. When I did, I was told I needed a customer number. I told them I didn't have one, so the guy said he would assign me a trouble ticket number so that they could find out why I didn't have a customer number. After about 4 hours, and I'm not exaggerating, I gave up and told them I would do business with HP. At HP, I did talk to a real person this time on the first call right away, but the man I got on the phone told me he would have to get someone to call me back, and I've been waiting for that call back for two weeks now.


I'm sure that this nightmare is not an isolated one and it shows you what can happen when we outsource too many jobs and automate some of the most human interface kinds of things and give them to computers. NOW, the broadband Internet has the technology available for pennies where I can actually see a Customer Service Rep and talk to him and ask him or her questions, have them demonstrate their products features and benefits for me or help me solve a problem. These Americans can work from their home, but are enabled by Broadband Video to talk to me LIVE, just like I was in the DELL STORE or the HP store or the APPLE STORE, or the AT&T or GM SHOWROOM, LIVE and in person, giving us all the way out of DELL HELL, as I have sadly been forced to call it.


I would like to challenge this forum to put out a call to any company who wants to start hiring AMERICAN WORKERS again. I have the technology to take back all the jobs that were outsourced over the last 20 to 30 years and give them to needy and deserving and highly qualified men and women who are currently unemployed or underemployed. We can set it up in about 2 minutes for anyone who wants to start work. All I need is a few companies who want to partner with me and bring some of their outsourced jobs back into this country and kick-start this economy back into high gear.


I'd like any interested parties to contact me at my web site:


Thank You.



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