Energy Independence and Efficiency

Jump Start the Electric Car Industry

We can start to convert, ICE, Internal Combustion engines to Fully Electric propulsion right now and we MUST to save the planet. The best way to help the Electric Car Industry right now is to force every company with more than 1,000 employees to purchase TWO Electric Cars and install Battery Recharging Systems in their parking lots for the TWO CARS. If we do this, we would force investment money into the Electric Car Manufacturers that would make these cars more and more affordable. Eventually, they would find new markets and be able to compete with the mass produced ICE cars.


We have a plan to do this. Just need a little attention from the Government to collaborate with me on this. Tried the DOE. They failed miserably to understand the concept.


So, now I am appealing to the public and the government in this forum to help me put this together. The complete plan can be found at my web site.


I invite comments and participants.





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