Public Safety and Homeland Security

Openness and Security

Often computer security and access are at odds.

While I want greater access and transparency in all levels of government and governmental functions, utilities, roads/highway, medical records, this greater access increases the potential for hacking and abuse.


Homeland security should consider an utterly independent and separate network for critical and national security functions and highly sensitive & private information. If not an actual separate physical network (level 1) then perhaps a network protocol that is incompatible with TCP/IP.


I used to use the "Old dumb slow" netbui protocol on PCs designated for networking but not internet accessible, and it was totally secure from outside intrusion.


This idea & focus on security is intended to help reduce resistance to greater access to agencies utilities and departments that have needs for highly secure environments.


I don't want World Wide access to social security, medical records, or military information.


Again by addressing greater security and limited access, the problem of greater access is addressed, indirectly.



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