Community Development

The Planned Animal Lovers Community for Disabled/Elderly Animal 'Owners'

First, please see my blog at OFA:


My plan is blogged in several places; broadband connection is essential for publicity and for the ongoing development of the PAL Plan..

The PAL Plan, while not thoroughly defined on the blog, would of course include broadband access for a number of purposes, including but not limited to, access to grant sources, community access to anything pertaining to our lives as disabled/elderly animal lovers, access to medical records, dissemination of information about our organizaiton and access to assistance organizations and agencies needed by the community.


Additionally, we plan to make the entire community "off the grid", utilizing alternative energy sources for all our power needs, and hope to market both our excess energy and excess produce from our community organic garden. Since we will all be disabled and/or elderly folks, broadband is an essential marketing tool for us, as opposed to loading up our fruits and veggies and hauling them to the local farmer's market.



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